Elevate your home with curves

Curves are elegant, graceful and seriously on trend in interior design.
Think curved furniture and you may think of Art Deco style sofas and armchairs, or swooping, bow-fronted furniture reminiscent of ocean liners of the 1930s. But for the 2020s, we’re taking inspiration from organic shapes and also incorporating the sculpted lines of mid-Century modern design.
The curved and arched trend also ties in with the warmer, more earthy tones making a resurgence in interiors.


Sofas and Chairs

Curves can be gorgeous in your living room or dining room. A large corner sofa unit with a curved footprint has a more welcoming and sociable feel and can be even more impressive if you can see the back of it, in an open plan space, rather than tucked into the corner
of the room.
Likewise with armchairs and accent chairs - the curved back of a tub chair looks especially
impressive if back of chair is open to the room. And doesn’t it just feel good to sit in a curved chair, which feels moulded to your body, rather than perch on a more linear chair?



Melbourne Collection

The Melbourne is perfect for any modern interior home. Compromising of circular and lozenge shaped forms, this sofa table highlights an on trend look creating a calming feel.



Curved Furniture

Curved tables - avoiding square or sharp edges on a coffee or side table, can not only look
great, but can also be more ergonomic in your home, preventing bruised hips or legs as you dash around the house.

A round dining table can also work better in a compact space or to create a lighter feel to a
space than a rectangular table of the same size. You can choose which angle to at, and a roundtable can feel more relaxed and less confrontational than a square or rectangular one.
A round coffee table or side table will be less prone to clutter gathering and less attractive to put your feet up on (so do consider a chaise sofa or footstool if that’s a requirement).

A table lamp with a circular shade will just look more at home on a round side table. And this can also work perfectly for a bedroom - your bedside tables certainly don’t have to have sharp edges!
And a classic demi-lune table is the perfect shape for a narrow hallway or room where you just need to house a lamp, a place to leave your keys or handbag, without encroaching too much into the space.

Posted by Hayley Allen
23rd May 2023

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