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The Lounge Co. makes contemporary, stylish sofas, chairs and footstools that combine modern details with affordability and durability. It’s love at first sit. Launched in 2016, The Lounge Co. was born out of the combined know-how and expertise of well-established brands.

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Elevate your lounge to new levels of style! From classic to contemporary, The Lounge Co have something to suit every taste! Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, including corner sofas, chaises and snugglers, all available in a vast array of beautiful fabrics.

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Family friendly fabrics...

The Lounge Co understand that a lot of life happens on your sofa. It’s the centre of the home, a hub for the family. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite TV series, having a well-deserved takeaway, inviting a few friends round for drinks and nibbles or simply having some snuggle time with your loved ones, your sofa puts up with a lot! That’s why they offer a range of Family Friendly Fabrics which use clever stain, odour and moisture resisting technology, making it easy to clean everyday dirt and spills. Unlike treatments such as Scotchgard, the technology used in our Family Friendly Fabrics is applied at a molecular level and won’t wear off or change the feel of the fabric.



• Handmade in the UK, in Nottingham and Wiltshire
• 25 Year Frame Guarantee
• Sprung seats and backs allow your weight to be distributed evenly
across the whole sofa, giving exceptional comfort and longevity
• An amazing offering of different textured and coloured fabrics,
from luscious velvets to tactile chenilles and basket weaves
• Fantastic comfort with a range of cushion interiors for you to select
• Family Friendly Fabrics are available - perfect for modern living
• Modular options allow you to create your idea sized sofa
• Beautiful accent chairs and footstools to complement any room
• Leathers are sourced from European tanneries