A Timeless Look for Rural, Coastal and City Living

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Country style in interior design traditionally meant frilly florals, saggy sofas and battered armchairs and Welsh dressers piled high with mis-matched bone china, but let’s think how country style works these days and can work not just in rural villages but also in the towns and cities. Elegant Country is a timeless design trend and which blends the warmth and comfort of traditional country aesthetics with the sophistication and elegance of modern design elements. If you're a homeowner yearning to update your space and infuse it with a touch of refinement, look no further. Let's explore into the essence of Elegant Country and discover how you can achieve this look in your own home.



Embrace the Quintessential Palette

The Elegant Country palette draws inspiration from the British countryside itself – think soft, muted tones that mirror the beauty of nature throughout the seasons. Classic whites, soothing creams, sagey greens, and earthy beiges serve as the foundational backdrop for this style. These colours create an atmosphere of tranquility and provide the perfect canvas to build upon.



Rustic Elements with a Modern Twist

To achieve the Elegant Country look, consider introducing rustic elements that harken back to the charm of the countryside. Exposed wooden beams, distressed furniture, and stone accents add character and authenticity to your interiors. However, the key to modernising this aesthetic lies in the balance – pairing these rustic elements with more contemporary furnishings. Think reclaimed wooden dining table surrounded by minimalist chairs in rich upholstery or a weathered barn door juxtaposed against a backdrop of clean, neutral walls. The sleekness and smoothness allow the textures to really pop.



Timeless Furniture Choices

Selecting the right furniture pieces is key in creating an Elegant Country interior. Invest in classic and timeless furniture that exudes both comfort and elegance. A plush sofa upholstered in natural fabrics like linen or cotton can anchor your living room while inviting armchairs with a touch of tufting provide an air of sophistication. Chesterfields sofas are a classic timeless style, but a more simple, well-upholstered style will also look right at home. And it’s also important to mix old and new here. A well-crafted antique dresser or a beautifully aged bureau can add a touch of history and charm to your space, all the better if it has as story to tell. Up-cycling can also work well here, for example painting a tired piece of old furniture in chalk paint to coordinate with the rest of the home.



 Layer the Comfort

One of the defining features of Elegant Country design is the layering of textiles that create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Incorporate vintage rugs, soft velvet or faux fur throws, and an array of cushions in various textures to infuse your space with warmth. Rich, patterned fabrics with floral motifs, checks and stripes can be used for curtains and upholstery, adding a touch of countryside charm. Mixing patterns but keeping the palette simple will balance the look with and create welcoming elegance.



Create a Cosy Nook

Elegant Country design invites you to create inviting nooks where you can unwind with a cup of tea or a good book. Design a cosy reading corner with a comfortable armchair, a floor lamp for soft lighting, and a small side table for your book, and a mug or glass of your favourite drink. Add a plump cushion or a faux sheepskin throw for extra comfort. These little pockets of comfort encourage relaxation and are the perfect spot to savour quiet moments



As you embark on your journey to update your home, let the essence of Elegant Country guide you. With its fusion of classic and contemporary elements, this style promises to create interiors that are not only elegant but also deeply rooted in the heart of the countryside. So, pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey, gather some interiors magazines and embark on the transformation that will redefine the way you experience your home.

Posted by Hayley Allen
20th August 2023

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