How to style your home this Christmas

With the rise of cozy homes covered top to tail in Christamas decorations  on Instagram, we all want the perfect decorations this festive season.

But how do you achieve this year after year without doing exactly the same thing? 

Our own in-house Interior Designer Lynne, gives her best tips...

1. Simple but Stylish 

You don't need to go overboard with hundreds of decorations in order to create a beautiful Christmas display for your home.

Simply choose statement pieces such as oversized Christmas stockings and glass vases filled with beautiful colourful baubles to wow your guests this Christmas.  


2. Bring the outside in

An alternative way of creating a Christmas display in your home that won't break the bank is by making use of natures free materials! 

Pick nice foliage from your garden and position it around your home in accent places to make a focal point. Berries, pinecones, mistletoe and ivy work great for this. 


3. Use old decorations but in a new creative way 

 You don't need to hit the shops and buy all the lastest decorations to make your home feel new this year. Try looking at your previously loved pieces and think about how you could display them in a fun new way. Fairy lights don't just belong on the tree, they can look great draped around a mantle piece or even lying on a table. 


4. Stick to the same colour scheme 

Make it easy for yourself in the future by sticking to one colour scheme that runs through all your Christmas decor. This way if you choose to add to your collection you don't have to redo your entire festive theme every year. Keep the colour theme consistent by wrapping up boxes in different textures and colours in the same colour scheme. 


Posted by Zoe Barlow
4th December 2019

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