Fall In Love with your Home

At Cookes, we understand our homes are the place where we are supposed to feel rooted, relaxed, grounded and more importantly, feel we belong. Yet, how many of us would say that we love our homes? How many of us would say we are proud of our homes?

Even if your current home is a stepping stone to your dream one or it is a place of convenience rather than ideal scenario or is in desperate need of a full renovation it still has the potential to become your haven.

Don’t wait until you’re in your dream home, let Cookes inspire you to make your current space, a place you’re happy to relax with your family or show off to friends on Zoom!




To start with, sometimes a good declutter and tidy is the best way to spend some quality time with your home and rediscover your love for it, is also good for your mental health too.

Investing in some good storage so you can organise and remove clutter can really help you feel lighter and less stressed but also your home will most likely feel brighter, bigger and be a more enjoyable space to be in. At Cookes, we offer many storage solutions, from bookcases and sideboards to occasional furniture including drawers! We have it all! 




If the thought of delving deeper into your whole house to show some love seems rather overwhelming, a trick is to pick a favourite area or room and fall in love with that first.

Focus on one area. If it’s a room, could it do with a quick lick of paint or some new lampshades or lamp -  even a re-jig to help it feel cosier and more inviting? Cookes have some great lighting solutions, an easy addition to transform any room! 




Finally, treating yourself and your home to some new accessories such as cushions or a throw can, as is mentioned so often, be a good way to inject some love and attention in your home. Perhaps create a small curated collection of things you collect or reflect your hobbies? Something which lifts your heart and makes you smile. A gallery wall of travel photos, or family gatherings?

Or it could be something as simple as a beautiful vase to put some fresh flowers in, positioned maybe as you walk in your home, that makes you smile. When you love your home, it supports you in so many more ways than just the practical, it becomes your sanctuary and your expression of your best self.


Posted by Hayley Allen
8th February 2021

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