Interior Design Questions Answered

We have been asked many varied questions on design consultations over the years, here are a few which crop up regularly and which you may have wondered about yourself..


Q: Can I mix different metals or woods in a room?

100%. A whole room scheme comes alive when it is a carefully curated selection of different pieces. Now this does not mean going nuts, pick 2 or 3 and balance the finishes across the room.
Say for example if you sofa has bronze legs then match that with a bronze side or coffee table but then use black metal in light fixtures or black or bronze accessories. Apply the same theory to wood finishes.


Q: Does my upholstered furniture need to match, or be from the same suite/collection?

No, not at all. This was a trend a number of years ago and although this made choosing furniture easier, it can be limiting and make a room feel quite flat. There are so many options for upholstered furniture today that you can mix and match to suit the size and flow of your room. A large sofa in a neutral colour with a smaller occasional chair or love seat in a bright colour will instantly create a focal point to a room.


Q: Should I always have a feature wall in a room?

Now this depends on the size and proportion of the room but as a rule of thumb no you do not need to have a feature wall.
You do need to have a focal point though and this is what a feature wall will do however there are other ways to do that.
A picture wall, a bold coloured sofa, stunning statement window dressing or fireplace are easy ways to create a focal point with out having too wallpaper a wall.


Q: How large should the rug be in my living room?

Now again the actual dimensions will of course depend on the size of your room! However when planning for a rug you ideally want it to create balance and anchor the space and furniture.

What does that mean?

Well if you room is square then centrally placed and if space for it to be large enough for all your furniture to sit on then great, otherwise the front legs sitting on the edges of the rug is fine. If the room is oddly proportioned then use the rug to zone where the main sitting area is and
anchor it with furniture.


Q: I want a neutral colour scheme but I don’t like grey, is there another alternative than

Oh my goodness yes!
Beige neutrals are having a comeback, with their softer, warmer tones bringing a bright energy to spaces during lockdown.
They work perfectly with a variety of woods but can equally be a great tonal contrast to most contemporary furniture finishes.
Put magnolia to back of your mind and think yellow based bright whites or soft beige. They work beautifully with warm light pinks which since 2017 has cemented itself as the ‘new neutral’.

Posted by Hayley Allen
12th April 2021

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