How to create the perfect Guest Room

Restrictions have been eased and we can start to have guests in our homes again.

Distant family can come visit, friends can come to stay for long weekends and the grandkids can come for sleepovers!

 So it’s time to clear the washing pile and unwanted junk from your lockdown clear-outs out of the spare room and create the perfect space for your long awaited guests to sleep and relax in.

Spending the time to get a guest bedroom right can really help cement the overall tone of your house and can be decorated to tie in with the scheme of your interiors.


Keep it simple!

Simple and easy ways to do this are to keep the walls relatively neutral, light and fresh but use accessories and soft furnishings to add texture and bring colours in that connect to the house. Another bonus to keeping the walls to a neutral palette is if you do update your home and redecorate it will not take very much to adjust the scheme in your guest room either - just a case of switching out some accessories!



When selecting the wall colour however be mindful of light and the direction the room faces. If the room is north facing any sunlight it receives will be quite minimal and very cool so any grey or white that is also blue/cooler toned will enhance those hues and make the room feel quite stark, cold and uninviting. Instead think of warmer, yellow based greys, creamier whites and or taupes to soften the cool light. 

Equally if the room is south/ south west facing and the light is an intense, strong warm light then putting an equally rich yellow based colour on the walls could be quite overwhelming and in some cases make the room feel smaller. In this instance light cooler greys will open up the space or a soft, dusky pink will enhance the warmth but not be too intense.



Accessories are your opportunity to show off, add interest, character and make your guest feel welcomed. Cushions and throws are an obvious touch, not only for their ability to bring the pop of ‘wow’ but also on a practical note are there to give extra comfort to your guest to help relax during the day or sleep better at night.
Try to coordinate them whether through print, fabric, pattern or colour. Lighting needs to be soft and unobtrusive. If you have a central pendant use floor lamps and side table lamps to create ambient lighting.


Create a focal point

Side tables, and chest of drawers and/or wardrobes are practical necessities but do not neglect in terms of design. A side table coupled with a feature headboard frame a bed and will often become the focal point of the room, consider going oversized to really help make a statement and a wow factor for your guests.
Be mindful of complimentary finishes in metal or wood to unite the overall effect and make sure the size allows for a lamp to sit on top with ample room still for a glass of water or book.


Two finishing touches that hoteliers use to really elevate guests experience are fine, high quality bedding and towels.

Crisp, clean sheets with a high thread count will guarantee their nights sleep is a well rested one and with a big, fluffy cotton towel to use in the morning, your guests will want to book in a return visit before they leave!

Posted by Hayley Allen
5th July 2021

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