Halloween has never been so stylish...

It is that spooky time of year again where the old skeletons come out of the loft, the pumpkins are carved and winking at you with ghoulish expressions and you’re actively creating cobwebs in the corners!

Whether you want to turn your home into a full blown extension of a ghost train or a more subtle decorative pumpkin is your approach, Halloween is an opportunity to bring some autumnal festive spirit into your home.


Fairy Lights

With the nights drawing in closer and the clocks falling back lighting is now our comfort but also a necessity! Fairy lights can create a magical ambience anytime of year but embrace the Halloween spirit and use them to really make a decorative impact.

- Take some single white lights and create a big spiderweb on the front of your house.

- String novelty LED lanterns around fireplace or childs bedroom.

- Fill jars full of orange string lights and put them outside your front door to brighten your porch.

- Solar garden lights are perfect this time of year as will twinkle all through the night.



Candles can be very atmospheric and so popular at this time of year, exotic spiced scents masking the musty loft smell from the decorations as well as adding to the drama and mood of Halloween.

Position them on sideboards, in your fireplaces, they will also make a lovely dining table centre piece decoration particularly with some foliage, autumn blooms such as Dahlias, Chinese lanterns and even some ornamental cabbages!

When it comes to the big day don’t be shy with your candles especially on Halloween night, get some of the plain white pillar candles and put them everywhere.

Old wine bottles can be great candle holder and the dripping wax adds to the whole overall effect. Bell jars can create theatre with bigger candles whilst the small tea lights are perfect for your pumpkin! If you have little ones or boisterous pets running around a safer option is LED battery operated candles - you can even get ones which ‘flicker’!



Now the pumpkin, the centre piece of all Halloween decorations. Before the carving starts, Pumpkins can be a lovely seasonal display for kitchens and living areas.

Don’t just think the standard orange ones either, the pumpkin and squash varieties are full of gorgeous greens and golden yellows in a multitude of shapes and sizes which positioned together in a fruit bowl, decorative shelf or even fireplace bringing a lovely autumnal vibe to your home.

If you want to be playful paint them different colours or with scary bat or witch motifs on the front, or black and orange striped pumpkins will certainly brighten up your fireplace! If you are hosting an actual Halloween party then use them to house sweets and snacks or a ghoulish fruit punch with lychee eyes floating in as a refreshment.

Adorn your front porch with carved pumpkin faces lit from inside to welcome your guests and let the trick or treaters know they can come and knock at your door.



Halloween does not need to be cheesy plastic supermarket decorations, although they have their place, use it as an opportunity to create a lovely Autumnal festive spirit in your home.

Posted by Hayley Allen
25th October 2021

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