Cosy up this Christmas

Cosy (adjective): - ‘giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.’

Let’s be honest, most of us aspire to have this most days in our homes however it is at Christmas time that ‘warmth’, ‘comfort’ and ‘cosy’ are what we’re really seeking for that precious time with family and friends. Regardless of the size of your space you can make it a cosy one. The key aspects that you need to bring are the layering of light, depth of colour and most importantly texture.



The lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your home or room. Bringing in a variety sources of light can create a festive ambience and you can zone areas to make them feel more intimate and cosy.

Using lamps are the easiest and most effective way to zone. A table lamp either side of a sofa not only anchors it to the room but also creates a cocoon of light over the seating area which instantly creates that snug feeling for whomever sits on it.

Nothing creates the feeling of a cosy Christmas more than candles and twinkling fairy lights.

Dot candles around, especially scented ones and do not be afraid to use the fairy lights in places other than your Christmas tree! Wrapped around the mantel pieces, inside bell jars or around stair balustrades, fairy lights can be fun, festive and comforting.


Depth of colour

We are not talking getting out the paint chart and selecting new bold and brights for the walls. This is more a subtle use of colour, layering it in the same way you have layered your lighting.

If your scheme is using neutrals then use tone as your lead rather than actual colour. For example if your walls are a stone grey and overall look is greys then bring in accessories, decorations or textiles that have cream, white, taupe or a light beige with gold or silver to add some sparkle!

If bold colours are more your preference then mix a jewelled palette of decorations together with layers of gold are the perfect partnership and can bring a magical look.



This is the most important and accessible way to bring instant festive cosy feelings to your space. Once you know your palette whether neutrals or richer jewelled colours then make sure your decorative additions play with textures within that.

This could be a cream faux fur throw to snuggle under, alongside a gold sequinned cushion next to a festive printed cushion with tassels on.

Use foliage to bring nature into the scheme, holly, ferns, decoratively painted twigs and leaves all provide decorative texture with a Christmas nordic look and feel.

Even the baubles on your Christmas tree are a way to play with texture, print and colour with a gorgeous variety glass, fabric, wooden, feathered, beaded, metallic decorations available. Don’t be afraid to have fun!

Christmas is the time when more is definitely more and the eclectic mix of decorations can only add to the festive, relaxed feel.

Posted by Hayley Allen
1st December 2021

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