Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment and for good reason. The planet needs us to start taking notice of what we buy, becoming more aware of how things are made and how we dispose of unwanted possessions.

Responsibility to the Environment...

Whilst here at Cookes we encourage you to buy the best and right product for you we are also aware of our responsibility to the environment.

Part of that is ensuring we only offer good quality, well made furniture that will stand the test of time and reduce your need to keep buying new.

Any stock that is returned, unsold or discontinued we donate to the British Heart Foundation. This furniture is then either sold in their shops to raise funds or supplied directly to families that need it.

We also work with other brands which are also striving for more sustainable operations. Here are just a few who are pushing the boundaries and leading the market with their innovation toward protecting the environment


Ercol continue to invest heavily in UK manufacturing and built an award winning factory in Buckinghamshire.

Environmental considerations played a key part in the factory’s design, featuring large windows to maximise the use of natural daylight, sound proofing to retain noise within the building and motion sensors in the offices to control the lighting and reduce wasted energy. 

The factory and office are also heated by a biomass boiler, fuelled by the wood waste and sawdust from the factory


Calligaris, another leader in sustainable manufacturing achieved their ISO 14001 status, a benchmark for companies striving for a successful Environmental Management System in 2020.

They have launched a new product using of 100% recycled plastic, replacing the traditional polypropylene with one resulting from post-industrial waste.

They won the FSC® Furniture Awards 2021, the first European edition of the competition created by the Forest Stewardship Council to award certified FSC® companies and the best sustainable products in the furniture industry.

All of this is driven by their new Greenbow program, which aims to drive sustainability through their products and company systems, manufacturing, product development.


Natuzzi is one of our most popular luxury sofas brands, specialising in leather upholstery. Their attention to detail and values for ensuring the best product for their customer extends to their approach toward sustainability.

Their production is certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (Italy production) and certified E-1, environmentally sensitive furniture manufacturing (Global production).

All their leather is a by-product of the beef industry and a recycled material alongside the engineered wood which is renewable, natural and requires less energy to manufacture and reduces waste.

All through their manufacturing process they strive for energy efficiency, recycling water in the tanneries and avoiding any toxic flame chemicals just to name a few.


Collins and Hayes

Sustainability has always been a huge part of their ethos at Collins & Hayes.

All the sofas and chairs are handcrafted by skilled tailors, using ethically sourced wood, natural fibre fabrics, and regenerated yarns.

Ensuring not only do their sofas look great but they have a positive impact on the planet too. If you would like to know more about how ethical or sustainable any of the brands or their products are within our stores, please ask a member of our team and they will be happy to give you more information.

Posted by Hayley Allen
25th April 2022

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