Mental Wellbeing

Our homes should be seen as our sanctuaries, a place where we feel comfortable, safe and
secure, but also somewhere we are proud to invite people into. A place we can rebuild positive emotional connections, within ourselves and with others.


Utilise Your Garden

With the summer shining brightly in front of us, the garden is the perfect place to create this sanctuary.
Use flora and fauna to help you reconnect with the space, zone areas for entertaining but also for quiet reflection or reading.
A secluded spot is ideal, maybe slightly shady, positioning a hammock under a tree for example if you have the space or a reclining lounging chair, like a deck chair, in a quiet corner will also work.
Bring in soft textures, like cushions or throws, to aid the relaxation and comfort.


For the entertaining space, this is somewhere you want to feel proud of so take the time to ensureit feels inviting for guests, somewhere they can relax in too.
Round tables are more sociable and you can the space seating around without feeling too distant from one another.
Chairs with bright, vibrant cushions on are fun and create a pleasant and appealing atheistic for visitors when approaching the area.
Think about shade, maybe bring an umbrella close by which is flexible to accommodate the changing sun and guests!

Find the sunlight...

If your outdoor space is limited then you can create all these types of spaces inside your own
Look for light and bright spaces. Being sat in sunlight has been shown to reduce depression.
Sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, giving you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and focused.

Position that reclining chair near a window to bathe in that calming light, place some plants
near by or a small side table with flowers or succulents on, to really encourage that relaxing vibe.
Think about utilising dead window space and maybe even create a window seat. They are a
stunning focal point and are also very handy storage!

For your entertaining space ensure there is some natural light coming in if possible. If it is limited ensure it is well lit with floor or table lamps to create some atmosphere as the sun goes down.
Same as outside think about round tables, with inviting chairs and accessories.
Embrace the freedom and opportunity to reconnect with friends, family or neighbours.
Look to replace that feeling of isolation and possible loneliness with a sense of connection and joy of being around others once again.

Posted by Hayley Allen
5th June 2022

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