How to Care for your Cabinet Furniture 


• Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructionsand only use products recommended by them. 

• Do not use detergents, silicone or spray polishes, they may leave a residue on the surface affecting the appearance. Use a soft lint-free cloth to gently dust your furniture. 

• Maintenance is required in the form of tightening removable sections as they may work loose. Items such as shelf support pins, screws, bolts, and hinges should be regularly checked. 

• Wooden products may change colour with exposure to natural and electric light. Placing your furniture in direct sunlight can cause discolouration. Extendable dining tables with leaves should be fully extended, when possible, to avoid vast colour differences. 

• Wood, stone and travertine are all natural materials, each product has unique characteristics. 

• Use table covers and mats to protect your cabinet furniture against liquids, heat and surface damage. 

• Do not rock or stand on dining chairs and bar stools. 

• When moving furniture, lift carefully as dragging will damage joints and fixings and affect stability.