Furniture Protection

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What’s included?

Staingard Plus protects your new furniture against accidental damage (including rips; scuffs; scratches; dents; chips; water, liquid and heat marks; and pet damage), staining and structural defects. If you can’t remedy the problem with a Staingard care product, one of our national team of professional technicians will visit your home to repair your furniture. And if even that doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll replace it for you. 

Your Staingard Warranty insurance is valid as soon as your furniture is delivered and will continue for a period of five years, with the exception of structural damage cover (including frame warpage and breakage; peeling of veneered or laminate finishes; lifting or peeling of the hide on leather furniture; broken zips, castors, and buttons; bending and breakage of metal components; failure of recliner mechanisms including electrical motors and associated electric components) which will commence 12 months after your furniture is delivered, or once the manufacturers warranty expires if this is longer than 12 months. 

Easycare furniture kits?

Our easycare furniture kits offer an impressive range of Staingard’s high performance furniture products including specially formulated solutions, creams and cleaning cloths which are perfect for protecting, cleaning, stain removal and surface cleaning or polishing.

Staingard care kits make it easy to keep your furniture looking as good as new. Providing multiple products and special cleansers with clear instructions, they help maintain the appearance, cleanliness and protection of your furniture week after week.

Bed and Mattress Care?

Most people spend as much as 8 hours a night in their beds, which is why buying the right bed is an important decision. However, choosing the right bed is only the start, the use of Staingard Mattress Protector will contribute significantly to the achievement of a perfect nights sleep.

Staingard Mattress Protectors offer resistance to spills which can spoil the appearance of your mattress and also provide a significant reduction in the development of fungal colonies and bacteria which in turn leads to a reduction in the colonisation of house mites.