Skovby #101 Multi-Function TableSkovby #101 Multi-Function Table
Skovby #101 Multi-Function Table
The possibilities are endless with the Skovby #101 Dining Table. This multifunctional dining table features 2 lift up leaves allowing 3-6 people to sit comfortably. The simple smart storage allows you store your items neatly, whilst the hardwearing reversible table top is covered in stainless steel meaning it is tolerant to hot objects. This multi-purpose table can also be used...
£1,266 from £1,155
Skovby #33 Extending Dining TableSkovby #33 Extending Dining Table
Skovby #33 Extending Dining Table
The Skovby #33 Extending Dining Table features a unique extension system. Simply turn the turntable under the table top and the three leaves move synchronously to a position for the table to extend. By adding light pressure, it enables the extension leaves to unfold by means of a spring placed under the triangle in the middle of the table. *All items are available to order but may not be on display...
£1,951 from £1,779

Skovby #37 Dining TableSkovby #37 Dining Table
Skovby #37 Dining Table
The Skovby #37 dining table is functional as well as being stylish. This dining table has a sculptural ‘V’ shaped base meaning you can place chairs around it without having to consider table legs. This contemporary dining table has 2 extension leaves under the table and will seat 12 when fully extended and measures at 276cm in length. An array of beautiful different wood finishes is...
£1,827 from £1,665

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