Create your perfect bathroom sanctuary

Our Top Tips for creating a luxurious and relaxing feel to your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house with a huge 62% percent of us bathing or showering at least once a day.(Mira showers UK Habit survey 2018)

They are often also the most neglected spaces in a home, full of clutter such as used or empty bottles, kids bath toys or towels draped all over the place distracting from the tired decor, chipped tiles and lack of storage.

They don’t have to be however. There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom feel luxurious and relaxing by focusing on what you can do within the space that you have, which does not necessarily require a full refurbishment!


Tackling Clutter

Firstly tackle the clutter. Install some shelving or a cabinet for storage to free up some floor space and instantly feel lighter and calmer.

If floor space is limited and you are replacing some bathroom furniture, wall mounted toilets and vanity units will help create the illusion of a larger floor area as the eye line continues underneath the fixture extending the overall visible space.

Buy some dividers to put in the drawers of your vanity to keep things organised and tidy, start as you mean to go on!



Using low-maintenance plants for decoration, a couple of succulents on a window sill or at the end of a bath can add a touch of greenery in an easy and fuss free way.

Adding touches like scented candles, aromatherapy diffusers or decorative ornaments and baskets are all accents that can soften a space and make it feel luxurious.



Give your towels a stylish place to dry.

Ladder racks are chic, compact and affordable, requiring minimal floor space, get a soft wooden finish for a natural look or maybe painted white to bring some freshness to your colour scheme.

A heated towel rail will be the full luxurious experience, coming in different metal finishes to compliment your bathroom look.


Pamper yourself...

If you have a larger bathroom maybe consider bringing in an accent chair or stool with books and magazines so it feels like an oasis away from everyday life. Turn your bath time into a full pamper session with candles, fluffy bath robes and some precious me time, switching off and relaxing like you were treating yourself to a spa day.


They say we can get our best ideas in the shower, with 64% of us enjoying the invigorating water hitting our heads more than sitting for a soak in the tub. Treat yourself to a wall or ceiling mounted shower head to fully experience that re-energising rain effect, installing a hand held attachment adjacent for kids or even doggie bath time!


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Posted by Hayley Allen
25th August 2021

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