Calligaris Alpha Extending Dining TableCalligaris Alpha Extending Dining Table
Calligaris Alpha Extending Dining Table
The Calligaris Alpha is a smart elegant and versatile dining table that will make a stunning addition to your home! This modern and contemporary dining table has a combination of wooden legs and the choice between multiple ceramic tops. The extensions are mounted on a frame with glided opening movement and the slightly tapered multi-faceted outer legs to ensure ultimate comfort. *All items are available...
Calligaris Delta Extending Dining TableCalligaris Delta Extending Dining Table
Calligaris Delta Extending Dining Table
Dine in comfort and style with the Calligaris Delta dining table. This contemporary and iconic dining table features slant cut legs and a top that extends along glides. Maximum comfort is offered thanks to its legs remaining at the corners of the table. Many configurations and options are available such as a selection of sizes and beautiful finishes from stunning ceramic and glass marble effect...

Calligaris Holly Dining ChairCalligaris Holly Dining Chair
Calligaris Holly Dining Chair
The Calligaris Holly offers 50’s styling and features a haute – design chiseled metal frame. This unique dining chair stands apart from the others thanks to its enveloping padded backrest with generous room for you to rest your arms comfortably. *All items are available to order but may not be on display in store. Please contact your local store for details.
Calligaris Icaro Extending Dining TableCalligaris Icaro Extending Dining Table
Calligaris Icaro Extending Dining Table
The Calligaris Icaro dining table is stunning in its design and stature. The extendable table features a base structured in veneered wood and a top made from wood or ceramic. It is extremely elegant with its sturdy rectangular top and two side extension leaves each to be opened separately. *All items are available to order but may not be on display in store. Please contact your local store for details. CLICK...

Calligaris Ines Dining ChairCalligaris Ines Dining Chair
Calligaris Ines Dining Chair
The Calligaris Ines Dining Chair features soft and graceful shapes whilst it interprets 50’s styling. The elegant metal frame supports the round and enveloping chair seat and back rest ensuring a comfortable sit. *All items are available to order but may not be on display in store. Please contact your local store for details.
Calligaris Omnia Extending Dining TableCalligaris Omnia Extending Dining Table
Calligaris Omnia Extending Dining Table
This beautiful, functional and exquisite dining table by Calligaris will add a touch of class to any dining room. This drop-leaf dining table has an ingenious mechanism which is able to extend the top surface in 2 easy steps. Firstly, pull the frame towards you allowing the leaf to be pulled out, and then simply rotate the leaf to extend the table. This dining table is available in an array of different...

Calligaris Sweel Dining ChairCalligaris Sweel Dining Chair
Calligaris Sweel Dining Chair
The Calligaris Sweel Dining Chair is indeed a contemporary classic that combines style with comfort. Its slender solid wood frame adds a sleek and modern touch to any dining space. The soft welcoming seat ensures a comfortable dining experience. One of the standout features of the sweel chair is its wraparound backrest, which provides support for the arms and gives flexibility to how you sit. This...
Calligaris Vortex Dining TableCalligaris Vortex Dining Table
Calligaris Vortex Dining Table
The Calligaris Vortex Dining Table will be the centre of attention in any home thanks to its accentuated and decorative base which features a helical metal tube frame giving it a personal touch. This coupled with the beautiful table top which is available in many finishes of quality tempered glass and luxurious marble just add to its appeal. *All items are available to order but may not be on display...